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This coaling facility was operated on the Grand Trunk Western main line, between Trowbridge and Lansing, and continues to exist today (2000).

The facility was capable of coaling locomotives on four tracks (2 main tracks and 1 siding in each direction).  A fifth track (see picture) on the left side was for transferring coal from railroad cars to the massive storage facility above.

To fill the bin above the 4 tracks, loaded coal cars would be brought under the tower on the fifth loading track.  The coal would be dropped into a pit and carried up the tower by a loading skip.

Ironically, the side tracks of this facility are still in use today for storage of full and empty coal cars which are received and delivered from a municipal power plant in Lansing.

To support all of this coal (100,000's of thousands of tons), these structures were well built of steel and concrete - perhaps one reason why railroads continue to run through many of them instead of taking them down.

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