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  • In operation in Ishpeming in 1879 and was owned by the Iron Cliff's company which became the Cleveland Cliffs Mining Company in 1891.  This was an open pit operation on the south side of Division Street.  A second opening nearby was originally called the Parsons Mine.  When new ore was found at 3,800 feet, the mine was moved from the south ide of Division to the west end of Strawberry Hill.  From 1879 to 1882, an "A" shaft was put down and 1,200 tons were removed in just four months.  For many years, the Strawberry Hill mine was the Barnum, or "New Barnum".  A "B" shaft was created but had a quick-sand problem and was abandoned in 1881.  By 1887, the "B" shaft problem was resolved and a shaft house was built and the new shaft completed.  [EHMT]

  • Two shafts were put into operation in the early 1880's and this became the Cliffs Shaft Mine.  [EHMT]


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