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 East Jordan & Southern M.L. 1 at Bellaire


East Jordan & Southern diesel locomotive M.L. 1 viewed at the Bellaire freight house.  [Don Le Messurier Collection]



What type of locomotive is this and when was it built?

What does M.L. 1 stand for?

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Bellaire, MI


East Jordan & Southern


Information researched by Greg Degowski:  According to Jerry Pinkepank in his 1/62 Trains article "Crossing the Jordan", ML-1  ("Motor Locomotive") was a Plymouth "painted bright orange with black zebra stripes and sporting a big bell, an air-operated steam whistle, and vibrating a tall cast-iron stack with what was surely an unmuffled exhaust of her 175-horsepower engine, in a sound which resembled five mainline freighters in the eighth notch."  The 10/77 Railroad EJ&S roster noted that ML-1 was a Plymouth ML-6 Type 2 with 15,000 lbs. traction effort, 60,000 lbs weight and built in 1937 for Phoenix Engineering of unknown location, sold to EJ&S in 1961 (?), sold to Hyman-Michaels (?) in 10/61, then sold to an unnamed sand and gravel company at an unknown date.

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