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Photo 016C


The NYC Beeliner at M.A.L. Crossing north of Jackson.


A New York Central Budd Car; commonly referred to as a "Beeliner", heads through the interlocking at M.A.L. Jct., just north of Jackson.  This passenger train probably originated in Jackson, and is headed to Grand Rapids.  This photo is taken from M.A.L. Jct. Tower.  You can see US-12 (now I-94) in the background.  This photo was taken around 1955.  The train, appears to be headed north on the southbound track.  This route was double tracked from just north of Pearl Street Interlocking in Jackson, to Rives Junction in northern Jackson County.   "M.A.L." was a Michigan Central term and stood for "Michigan Air Line", the name under which the original GTW was built.  The Grand Trunk Western called the location "M.C." crossing, for the "Michigan Central".  


  Doug Leffler Collection


M.A.L. Junction


New York Central



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