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Nahma, MI

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Above, No. 5 of the Nahma and Northern Railway.  Below, a photo of the locomotive which is now in a static display in down Nahma.  2003  [Dale Berry].  According to historian Bill Dunham, this is a Baldwin 2-6-2 which was built in December, 1912.  Bulders plate #38846.

Comments from Bill Dunham (2003):  According to documents by Nick Korstange, the Nahma & Northern rail went “into the north woods” for a total of 51 miles of track. The line was closed in 1951.  When I visited Nahma Junction, on the ex Soo mainline, there was a siding at that location. I don’t recall seeing the remains of an interchange track, but the presence of a siding would make one believe that interchange used to take place.

Comments from Greg Peet (2003):  The American Playground Company in Nahma manufactured wooden seats for swings, teeter-totters, etc. Now, everything is plastic, but that was over 50 years ago. Anyway they used the railroad to go north into the "woods" to get lumber that was cut at various "camps" along the line and its many branches.

At Nahma Junction they crossed the Soo Line at about a 90 degree crossing and also interchanged cars there. Outbound cars would have been lumber for the playground equipment and I'm sure there would have been some pulpwood also.

I've seen the roadbed for that "wye leg" that turned to connect, but that was many years ago. I've heard that the Nahma and Northern used a combine instead of a caboose so that the lumberjacks could ride into "civilization" on the train. That's not to say that Nahma is "civilization" but they could get a connection with the Soo Line at Nahma Junction.

Nahma Northern No. 5
Above, a Nahma & Northern Railway Hunting Trip along the line, date not known.  Below, N&N No. 5 is on display at the Nahma Townhall Park, 2010.  [Both photos, Glenn Lamberg collection]
No. 5 on display at Townhall Park


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