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Above and below, early shots of the GTW Bellevue depot with the tower in place.  [Alan Loftis Collection]

Above, Grand Trunk 2314 leads a three car passenger train which has stopped to take on and discharge passengers at the depot in Bellevue, Michigan.  Bellevue was located on the GTW's main line northeast of Battle Creek in Eaton County.  The locomotive appears to be a 4-4-0, which was common for passenger trains around the turn of the century.  The "tower" behind the depot is actually part of the depot structure itself.  It might have been used as a watch tower for the crossing guard who was posted at the road crossing nearby.  The train order/block signal indicated "proceed" for the passenger train, and "stop" for opposing traffic.  [Alan Loftis Collection]

Above and below, the Grand Trunk Western depot in Bellevue after the tower was removed and other modifications were made.  Below, the restored depot in 2003  [Alan Loftis]

An old view of the Burt Portland Cement Works at Bellevue, Michigan, date unknown.  [Mark Worrall Collection]

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