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Above, an early photograph of the MC depot.  [Alan Loftis Collection]  Below, this is the Grand Trunk Western depot at Charlotte, which was built in 1885 and closed in 1980.  This brick structure is still standing (as of 2002).  The photograph was taken on May 18, 1983.  [Charlie Whipp]

Above, the MCRR depot at Charlotte, on the Central's Jackson to Grand Rapids branch.  The depot, a stone and brick structure, was built in 1902.  It is now a restaurant and is still in good condition.  [Jim Slater photo] Below, GTW 4134 leads a freight across the interlocker at Charlotte, in 1977.  The semaphores are station train order signals for the GTW.  The interlocking signal is about 10 cars back.  [Rob Kitchen]


Charlotte was a 2-railroad and 2-depot town.  It was the crossing of the Grand Trunk Western's Port Huron to Chicago main line, and the Michigan Central's Jackson to Grand Rapids branch.  In the heyday of railroads (early 20th century) both lines were active but the GTW was usually busier. 


















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