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Lakeland, MI Interlocker


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Above, the depot at Lakeland early in the 20th century.  The building to the left may be a hotel.  Lakeland was a resort destination on both the Ann Arbor and Grand Trunk Railroads.  [Alan Loftis Collection]  Below, An Ann Arbor Railroad northbound passenger special stops in the interlocking at Lakeland.  A crowd of well-dressed patrons is taking advantage of the benefits of Zukey Lake.  Historian Mark Worrall notes that if you look at the Owosso Argus newspaper, prior to the widespread use of the automobile, you'll find many ads for excursions to Zukey Lake, some of which were specifically for Annie employees.  The track in the foreground is the GTW Jackson Branch.  This card is postmarked, 1909.  This must have been the best view of any interlocking in Michigan!  [Mark Worrall Collection]

Above and below, an Ann Arbor Railroad train heads south across the Lakeland, Michigan interlocker, crossing the Grand Trunk Western's Jackson Branch.  This photo was taken in the early 1980's and the Grand Trunk Jackson Branch had been all but abandoned at this time.  [Charlie Whipp]

Below, a USGS map of the trackage near Lakeland and Zukey Lake, including the location of the station and tower.  [Dale Berry]