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Inside Tappan Tower

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Tappan Tower was located about 4 miles west of Port Huron and was the interlocked crossing of two Grand Trunk Western lines and the Chessie System line to the thumb.  This photograph above was taken in 1983.  The photo below was taken in February, 1985.  [Both by Charlie Whipp]  Tunnel Yard is in the background.

Above, a photo of a westbound Grand Trunk Western freight leaving Tunnel Yard, past Tappan interlocking.  1984.  Below, Tappan interlocking tower with a Detroit, Toledo & Ironton engine 6415 leading a GTW freight train on the Flint Subdivision.  December, 1984  [Both photos, Charlie Whipp]

Above, a Detroit & Toledo Shore Line-powered freight proceeds westbound on the GTW Flint Subdivision and crosses the C&O Port Huron subdivision (west of) Tappen interlocking in Port Huron.  Looking northwest.  1970's.  [Charlie Whipp]