Membership application for the

 Michigan Railroad Club


Membership Application

__ Active Membership ($24 yearly)  __ Associate Membership ($45 - 2 years)  ___ Trial Membership ($5 - 6 months)

Mail to:  Michigan Railroad Club, Inc., P. O. Box 586, Dearborn, Michigan  48121-0586

Canadian applicants please add an additional $5 per year for First Class Main.  All dues must be paid in U.S. funds.

Classes of Membership:

ACTIVE CLASS carries with it voting and office holding privileges.  Applicants for this

type of membership are required to attend three MRC functions - either meetings or trips

prior to acceptance.

ASSOCIATE CLASS does not carry voting or office holding rights.  This type of

membership is intended for those who do not wish to hold office or are unable to attend

meetings regularly.

TRIAL CLASS membership is not renewable, but upon expiration may be converted to an Associate membership.



Name (Mr. - Miss - Ms. - Mrs.)_____________________________________________________________
Street Address:_____________________________________________ Date of Birth:__________________
City:________________________ State:________________________ Zip:_________________________
Occupation:________________________________________________ Firm:________________________
What are your principal interests?  __Steam  __Diesel  __Electric  __History  __Model  __Photography  __Trips
In __can  __cannot put on a program (30-60 minutes).  __slides   __movies  __other:______________________

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