Mine: Maas Mine, Negaunee, MI

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From: 1903

Owned by: Cleveland Cliffs Mining Co.

Produced: Iron Ore

Method: Underground shaft.

Railroad connection: LS&I

Stamp Mill/Pellet Plant:


Lifetime Production: 

Work was started on this mine in January, 1901 with drilling operations on an extensive scale. Sinking of the shaft began in 1903. A steel head frame was erected in 1907 and a permanent surface plant was completed in 1908.

The ore hoist was a first motion Corliss 20"x48" and operates two skips  at up to 2,400' per minute. The skip carries four tons of ore. 

The cage hoist is a smaller Corliss 14"x24" and operates at 700 feet per minute.

Compressed air is provided by a Corliss compound condensing, two-stage machine. It furnishes air for the Maas and Negaunee mines.

The mine has an electric railroad operated by a 100kw generator driven by a tandem compound, high speed engine 11" and 20"x14" stroke which operates condensing. The mine has six and 1/2 ton locomotives which are used underground on a 30" gauge track with 40 lb. rail.