Mine: Cleveland Hematite Mine, Ishpeming, MI

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Produced: Iron Ore


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Lifetime Production: 10,683 tons shipped prior to 1878. [LSMI-1909]

Cleveland Hematite, of the Teal Lake group, located on the northwest quarter of Section 2, is the most westerly of the Teal Lake Range of hematite mines, the Bessemer, the Cambria, etc. It has heretofore been worked on a lease by Mr. R. Nelson, of Ishpeming, but since May 14, 1881, has been worked by the Cleveland Company, to whom the mine belonged, and who have purchased of Mr. Nelson the mining plant, etc. The mine yielded about nine thousand tons of ore the past year. The company bored diamond drill holes south of the Marquette, Houghton & Ontonagon Railroad track, near the Superintendent's house. Six holes have been bored, and they are now engaged on the seventh, in which latter they have just struck ore at a distance down of 300 feet. The holes have all been bored since January last, and are from 400 feet to 450 feet in depth. In two of these holes, 105 feet apart, ore has been found at a distance down of 308 feet and 215 feet, respectively, of a thickness of fifty-six feet and of sixty feet; of this, thirty-seven feet is first-class ore in the one hole, and fifty-two feet is first-class in the other. In one of the other holes, fifteen feet of ore was found. These shafts, 90 feet, 165 feet and 190 feet, respectively, are down, and the prospects of the industry appear favorable in every particular. As has been stated, the mine is the property of the Cleveland Iron Company, and is managed by the same officers.