Furnace: Pioneer Furnace, Marquette

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Owned by: Pioneeer Iron Company

Produced: Pig iron.


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Lifetime Production: 

Pioneer Furnace #2 was located on the north side of Marquette along the shore of Lake Michigan. The building was completed in 1903. The facility produces 40,000 tons of charcoal pig iron. Between 1903 when going into blast through 1909, the facility has produced 216,000 gross tons.

Annually, the facility consumes 80,000 cords oif hardwood in 86 kilns. 3,500 bushels of charcoal are produced every week. 188 men were employed here in 1909.

The Pioneer Iron Company built the first charcoal furnace in Negaunee which was put into blast in 1858. A second furance was put into blast in 1896 in Gladstone. The company also operates the Carp Furnace south of Marquette.