Mine: Bristol-Youngstown Mine, Crystal Falls, MI

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Produced: Iron Ore


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Fire in the Bristol open pit: On February 20, 1913, fumes were seen issuing from a point about 100 feet below the surface in the north side of a large open pit at the Bristol mine, 1 mile west of Crystal Falls, Mich.. The ore formation here contains several bands of combustible black slate. The foot-wall black slate is probably 300 feet in width. The fire, supposed to have been of spontaneous origin, started in a block of this rock about 50 feet thick that had sloughed off and settled some distance into the pit. The fire gradually gained headway until an area of
approximately 100 square feet was affected. Early in May a trail was cut down the side of the pit to a point under the fire zone and a 2-inch water line was laid (PI. II, A). The rock was excavated with pick and shovel and water was poured on the fire (PL II, B). In this way much headway was gained, but the work was abandoned on account of the possible danger of a slide of rock catching the fire fighters. In July the fire was being held in check by the use of water. Although the rock was still very hot, the sulphurous fumes were barely noticeable.