Michigan Car Company

Organized in 1864, the Michigan Car Company built a large works at Grand Trunk Junction [Editors Note: now " West Detroit" near Junction Avenue south of Michigan Avenue].  [HWC]

February, 1873. The Car Works In Springwells

At the Michigan Car Works, near the Grand Trunk Junction, work is progressing very satisfactorily, owing to the late favorable weather. The interior of the two foundries has been raised up a goof and a-half, the trucks have been placed on the elevated tramways, the material for the cupolas put in shape and the pits for the engine ready thereafter. A railroad track is being constructed to span the triangle formed by the Michigan Central and [Lake Shore & Michigan] Southern Roads, which will place the works in communication with every road in the Union. The walls of the preparing shop, which will equal in dimensions that of the other buildings, are up, and soon as the present hurry is over another - the machine shop - will be built, all the buildings taking up the whole of the seventeen acres which comprise the site.

The same energy is displayed at the site of the Michigan Central's new works. A side track furnishes the building material and the loaded cars give a business air to the place. The excavations for the building foundation have all been made, and the material is on the ground to commence work. The lowness of the ground is the only drawback, and to obviate this difficulty large drains, tunnel like, are in progress of construction. [DFP-1873-0218]