Detroit Arsenal, Dearbornville, MI (1832)

Built (1832) → Detroit ArsenalSold (1877)

Built by: U.S. Army

Military Use: To serve as a supply depot for the U.S. Army, storing, maintaining and repairing arms and ammunition. Originally in Detroit, this function was moved to Dearbornville in 1832.

In its time, this was a full service facility, with an armory, barracks, surgeon's quarters, and various shops to support the mission of the Arsenal. A powder magazine was located outside the walled square, about 300 yards to the east. 

No longer useful, the government auctioned the buildings in 1877. The only building remaining is the commandant's quarters, now maintained by the Dearborn Historical Society.

The Arsenal did not have a direct railroad siding, but was located about two blocks from the Dearbornville station of the Michigan Central railroad.