Named Passenger Trains

Michigan was blessed to have a fair amount of "named" passenger trains.  Some, such as the " Wabash Cannonball" or "Detroit Arrow", had national reputations for fast and elegant service to other major cities throughout the United States.  Then there were local, in-state trains such as the "Timberliner" between Detroit and Mackinaw City which ran for many years.  

The following list is as complete as we know it at this time.  If you have other named trains which you would like to add, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  If we have pictures or other information about a specific trains, it is hyperlinked and you may click on it to find more  information.

Name Railroad No. Between Route
Advanced Commodore Vanderbilt New York Central 37 New York/Chicago Airline Main
Advanced Wolverine New York Central   Detroit/Chicago MCRR Main Line
Afternoon Flyer GR&I   Chicago/Grand Rapids GR&I/ MCRR  (c.1910)
Ambassador Baltimore & Ohio   Baltimore/Washington/Detroit FSUD, then MC Depot
Atlantic Express Grand Trunk Western 6 Chicago/Montreal GTW Main, CNR (c.1904)
Atlantic Express Michigan Central 36 Chicago/Detroit/New York MCRR Main (c.1910)
Atlantic Limited Soo Line 7/8 Minneapolis/Sault Ste. Marie Soo Line Main in U.P.
Blue Water Limited Amtrak   Port Huron/Chicago CN Main Line
Buffalo & Chicago Express Grand Trunk Western 9 New York City/Detroit/Chicago GTW via Mt. Clemens sub
Business Man's Special Pere Marquette 2 Grand Rapids/Chicago PM Main
Canadian Niagara New York Central 358 Detroit/Buffalo CASO
Capital, The - Detroit Baltimore & Ohio 5-19/20-6 Detroit/WashDC/Baltimore Deshler OH, then east
Chicago Express Copper Range 102/103 Channing/ Calumet COPR Main (c.1910)
Chicago Limited Pere Marquette 6 Grand Rapids/Chicago PM Main
Chicago Special Michigan Central 9 New York/Detroit/Chicago MCRR Main (c.1910)
Chippewa, The Milwaukee Road 21/14 Chicago and the U.P. MILW branches in U.P.
Cincinnatian C&O/B&O 53/54 Detroit/Cincinnati C&O to Toledo, then B&O
Commodore Vanderbilt New York Central 67/68 Toledo/Chicago Airline Main
Continental Limited Wabash 14/4 Chicago/Detroit Wabash Main (c.1910)
Copper Country Limited Milwaukee Road 3/4 then 9/10 Chicago/ Calumet MILW/ COPR (c.1910)
Detroit & New York Express Grand Trunk Western 8 Chicago/New York City GTW via Detroit/Mt. Clemens (c.1904)
Detroit Arrow Pennsy/ Wabash 4/7 Detroit/Chicago Wabash Line
Detroiter New York Central 47/48 New York/Detroit CASO Main
Detroit Express DSS&A 1/2 Houghton/Mackinaw City DSS&A (c.1910)
Detroit Express Grand Trunk Western   Chicago to Detroit GTW Main/ Holly sub.
Detroit Express Pennsylvania 61 New York/Detroit C&O/ PRR to Detroit
Detroit Express Wabash   Chicago/Detroit Wabash Main Line
Detroit Limited Wabash 4 St. Louis/Detroit Wabash Main Line
Detroit Night Express Michigan Central 5 Chicago/Detroit MCRR Main (c.1910)
Detroit, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo Express Michigan Central 11/12 Detroit/Gr. Rapids/Kalamazoo MCRR Main, Grand Rapids Branch (c.1910)
Detroit Special New York Central 342 Chicago/Detroit MCRR Main
DeWitt Clinton, The New York Central 56 Chicago/Toledo Airline Main
Duluth & Boston Express DSS&A 7/8 Duluth/Sault Ste. Marie DSS&A Main (c.1910)
East Coast Flyer Pere Marquette 3 Chicago/Grand Rapids PM Main
Empire State Express New York Central 50/51 New York/Chicago CASO/ MCRR Main
Fast Mail Michigan Central 3/48 New York/Detroit/Chicago MCRR Main (c.1910)
Fast Mail New York Central X4 Chicago/Toledo Airline Main
Fast Mail New York Central 35 New York/Detroit CASO Main
Fifth Avenue Special New York Central 6 Chicago/Toledo Airline Main
Fireball, The Ann Arbor   Toledo/Grankfort Ann Arbor Main Line
Forest City, The New York Central 89/90 Toledo/Chicago Airline Main
Fort Dearborn, The Pennsylvania 75/105 New York to Detroit C&O/ PRR to Detroit
Furniture City Special Pere Marquette 4/5 Chicago/Grand Rapids/Muskegon PM Main
Grand Rapids and Chicago Night Express Michigan Central 41 Grand Rapids/Chicago MCRR Main, GR&I (c.1910)
Huron Shore Express Detroit & Mackinac   Bay City/ Alpena D&M Main Line
Indianapolis Express New York Central 307 Detroit/Indianapolis Detroit-Toledo line
International, The Grand Trunk Western 156/155 Chicago/Toronto GTW Main, CNR (c.1960s)
Inter-City Limited, The Grand Trunk Western 6 Chicago/Toronto GTW Main, CNR (1940s)
Interstate Express New York Central 151 Toledo/Chicago Airline Main
Iron & Copper Country Express C&NW 101/102 Chicago/Ishpeming C&NW U.P. branches
Iroquois, The New York Central 35/59 Toledo/Chicago Airline Main
Lake Cities Special New York Central 87 Pittsburgh/Detroit Det-Toledo Line
Lake Shore Limited New York Central 19/22 Toledo/Chicago Airline Main
Lake Superior Limited DSS&A 1/2 Calumet/St. Ignace South Shore in U.P.
La Salle, The Grand Trunk Western 5 Toronto/Chicago CNR, GTW Main (1940s)
Lehigh Express/Valley Grand Trunk Western 3/4 Chicago/New York City GTW Main, CNR (c.1904)
Mackinac Island & Soo Express Detroit & Mackinac   Detroit/Cheboygan PM/D&M Main Line
Mail New York Central 9 Toledo/Chicago Airline Main
Maple Leaf, The Grand Trunk Western 158/159 Chicago/Toronto GTW Main, CNR (c.1960s)
Marquette Pere Marquette   Chicago/Grand Rapids PM Chicago Sub.
Maumee New York Central 80 Chicago/Toledo Airline Main
Mercury, The New York Central 75/76 Cleveland/Detroit Det-Toledo Line
Michigan, The New York Central 321 Detroit/Chicago MCRR Main
Michigan Central Limited Michigan Central 4 Chicago/Detroit/New York MCRR Main (c.1910)
Michigan Executive Amtrak   Detroit/ Jackson Penn Central Main Line
Michigan Special New York Central 302 Cincinnati/Detroit Detroit-Toledo line
Mid City Express Pennsy/ Wabash 44/201 Detroit/Chicago Wabash Main
Mohawk Grand Trunk Western 164/165 Chicago/Detroit GTW via Durand (c.1960s)
Mohawk New York Central 5/142 Toledo/Chicago Airline Main
Morning Flyer GR&I   Grand Rapids/Chicago GR&I/MCRR  (c.1910)
Motor City Special New York Central 315 Detroit/Chicago MCRR Main line
Motor Queen, The New York Central   Detroit/Cincinnati MCRR Toledo Branch
New England Wolverine New York Central 33 Boston/Detroit CASO Main
New Yorker, The Pennsylvania 452 Detroit/New York PRR/C&O to Toledo
New York & Boston Special Michigan Central 10 Chicago/Detroit/NY/Boston MCRR Main (c.1910)
New York Special New York Central 4 Chicago/Toledo Airline Main
New York Special New York Central 44 Chicago/Buffalo MCRR/ CASO Main
Niagra Falls & Eastern Express Michigan Central 14 Chicago/Detroit/NY/Boston MCRR Main (c.1910)
Night Express Pere Marquette 1/8 Chicago/Grand Rapids/Muskegon/Traverse City PM Main
Night Express C&O/B&O 57/58 Detroit/Cincinnati PM to Toledo then B&O
Night Express GR&I   Grand Rapids/Chicago GR&I/MCRR (c.1910)
Noon Flyer GR&I   Chicago/Grand Rapids GR&I/MCRR  (c.1910)
Northern Arrow Pennsylvania   Cincinnatti-Mackinaw City GR&I Branch
Northern Michigan Express Detroit & Mackinac   Detroit/Cheboygan PM/D&M Main Line
Northern Michigan Special Milwaukee Road   Chicago/U.P. MILW branches in U.P.
Northland Express Pennsylvania 519/520 Mackinaw City/Cincinnatti PRR's GR&I Branch
North Shore Limited New York Central 39 New York/Chicago CASO/MCRR Main
North Star Pennsylvania 17/18 Mackinaw City/Chicago PRR/GR&I Branch/MCRR
Northerner New York Central 337/338 Detroit/Mackinaw City MCRR BC/Mack Br.
Ohio Special New York Central 309 Detroit/Cincinnati Detroit-Toledo line
Pacific Express Michigan Central 37 New York/Detroit/Chicago MCRR Main (c.1910)
Pacific Limited Grand Trunk Western 5 Montreal/Chicago GTW Main, CNR (c.1904)
Peninsular, The Pere Marquette 1/12 Detroit/Grand Rapids PM Main
Peninsula 400 C&NW   Chicago/Ishpeming C&NW U.P. branches
Pennsylvania Limited Pennsylvania 2/106 Detroit/New York PRR/C&O to Toledo
Pere Marquette Pere Marquette 2/4/6/3/5/7 Grand Rapids/Detroit PM Main (six trains)
Ponce De Leon New York Central 303 Detroit/Cincinnati Detroit-Toledo line
Prairie State New York Central 609 Toledo/Chicago Airline Main
Red Arrow Pennsylvania 68/69 Detroit/New York PRR/C&O to Toledo
Resort Special Pere Marquette 9/10 Detroit/Bay View via G. Rapids PM Main
Saint Clair Amtrak   Detroit/Chicago Conrail Main Line
St. Louis Limited Wabash 3 Detroit/St. Louis Wabash Main Line
Shoppers Special Pere Marquette 7 Chicago/Grand Rapids PM Main
South Shore Express New York Central 43 Toledo/Chicago Airline Main
Southern Michigan Express Detroit & Mackinac   Cheboygan/Detroit D&M Main Line/PM
Sportsman C&O 17/18 Grand Rapids/Detroit C&O Main Line
20th Century Limited New York Central 25/26 New York City/Chicago Airline Main
Timberliner New York Central 209/210 Detroit/Mackinaw City Detroit-Mackinaw Br.
Toledo-Detroit Express New York Central 304 Toledo/Detroit Detroit-Toledo line
Torpedo, The Ann Arbor   Frankfort/Toledo Ann Arbor Main Line
Twilight Limited New York Central 30/31 Detroit/Chicago MCRR Main
Valley Express New York Central 345 Detroit/Chicago MCRR Main
Wabash Cannonball Wabash   Detroit/St. Louis Wabash Main Line
Washington-Detroit Ltd. Baltimore & Ohio   Baltimore-Detroit Via FSUD, then MC Sta.
Water Level Limited New York Central 10 Chicago/Toledo Airline Main
Western Express New York Central 23/323 Detroit/Chicago MCRR Main
Wolverine, The New York Central/ Amtrak 8/17 Chicago/Detroit/New York MCRR Main