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Most recent update, 30 December 2017.  Last prior update, 1 May 2017.  


This bibliography presents a wide selection of material on Michigan railroad history to provide a body of background information that may stimulate and direct more intensive research.  Hopefully it reflects the colorful variety of Michigan's rail history.

Of the works listed in Part 1, LeRoy Barnett's Railroads in Michigan is an extensive catalog of material published by Michigan's railroad companies.  It includes those interstate carriers that had at least 50% of their road miles in Michigan.  Barnett's "Bibliography" in the Historical Society of Michigan's Chronicle covers other primary sources, much of which was originated by or for the state government.  It also includes an extensive list of serial titles.  For that reason, this bibliography does not include railroad-originated and only a very few government-originated works.  Feltner and Baron are valuable for marine operations by Michigan's railroads.  Bullard performs a like service for electric railroads.  Hathaway's work is included for its tangential material although some of the more important papers also are listed in Part 5.

This compilation presents a wide range of secondary material on Michigan's railroad history.  It ranges from the substantial to the ephemeral, and from short to lengthy.  Brief mentions, untitled short pieces, and news-type releases have not been included.  Reports and mentions about locomotives, equipment, and operations generally have not been included.  Articles from the trade press and from newspapers have not been included.  State and county histories have not been included except those that have some substantial or original coverage of railroad events.  General rail histories and corporate histories of companies operating entirely outside of Michigan have not been included, even though some may have pertinent material.


This bibliography has been developed from research first done by Greg Degowski almost thirty years ago for the first Michigan Railroad History conference.  Contributions to this bibliography have come from many railroad historians and enthusiasts. I extend my hearty thanks to each for the support they have provided.