Railroad: Allegan and South Eastern Railroad Company

Mansfield, Coldwater & Lake MichiganAllegan and South Eastern RailroadGrand Rapids & IndianaToledo & Milwaukee


Built: 1877 (Purchased the MC&LM line which was not yet in operation from Allegan to Monteith).

Leased to: The Grand Rapids & Indiana in 1879. Lease cancelled by GR&I in 1992.

Sold to: Toledo & Milwaukee in 1883.

Reference: [MRRC]

The Allegan and Southastern Railroad purchased a short portion of the Mansfield, Coldwater & Lake Michigan, which was affiliated with the Pennsylvania Railroad but never operated. The A&SE operated this line for two years before it was leased to the GR&I, another PRR affiliate. That lease was cancelled in 1882 and the line was sold to the Toledo & Milwaukee which later became part of the Detroit, Toledo & Milwaukee and a number of other owners.