Railroad: Arcadia and Betsey River Train Railway Company

BuiltArcadia and Betsey River Train RailwayArcadia and Betsey River Railway


Built: 1883

Sold to: Arcadia and Betsey River Railway Company in 1895.

Reference: [MRRC]

This 20 mile long standard gauge logging railroad was built in 1883 in Manistee County. It was sold to the Arcadia & Betsey River Railway company in 1895 and operated until 1936 when it was abandoned.

In 1890, the Detroit Free Press reported that this railroad and the Bear Lake & Eastern railroad intended to meet in Springdale Township, and then commence to build jointly to Copmish. The A&BR's terminus was reported at Arcadia on the shores of Lake Michigan. The railroad was also reported to operate a line of steamboats between Arcadia and Milwaukee. [DFP-1890-0104]