Railroad: Grand River Valley Railroad Company

This road, from Jackson to Grand Rapids was opened in 1870. It was 83.79 miles long with 17.01 miles of sidings and spur tracks. It was standard gauge. It was 22 years from being chartered until it was built.

BuiltGrand River Valley Railroad → Michigan Central Railroad

Chartered: 1846

Built: 1870 from Rives Junction to Grand Rapids.

Operated for less than 1 year.

Became: Michigan Central when line was completed in 1870.

Reference: [MRRC]


This was a construction railroad first charted in 1846 but not built until 1868 (to Eaton Rapids). This line used the Jackson, Lansing & Saginaw from Rives Junction south to Jackson.

Time Line

1864. Obtained trackage rights on the JL&S between Jackson and Rives Jct. [MRRC].

1868. Line opened northwest to Eaton Rapids, and in 1870 to Grand Rapids. [MRRC]

1870. The line was leased for life (999 years) to the Michigan Central railroad.

1894. The line was reincorporated.

1903. Though operated by the MCRR, most of the directors of this road were from Jackson. Many MC leased roads had Vanderbilt appointed directors but this one did not. 

1916: Merged into MCRR.