Railroad: Marquette, Houghton & Ontonagon railroad

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Operated: 18 Years

Consolidated: 1872 - the Marquette & Ontonagon Railroad and Houghton & Ontonagon.

Opened line: 1872 - Champion to L'Anse.

Consolidated: 1883 - Houghton & L'Anse.

Leased: 1885 - the Marquette & Western.

Leased to: 1887 - to Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic.

Leased: 1888 - Negaunee & Palmer.

Sold to: 1890 - to Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic.

Reference: [MRRC]

Time Line

1870. The Houghton & Ontonagon was a construction railroad which built from the M&O in Champion towards L'Anse. They also began construction of an ore dock at L'Anse. For a time, James Joy of Detroit was an investor in this line. The H&O successfully asked the Michigan legislature to transfer the M&O land grant to the H&O after it appeared that the M&O would not reach Ontonagon. [DSS]

1872. The M&O and H&O board of directors aghreed to merge on May 25. It was mostly funded by eastern capitalists, including Alexander Agassizx and Quincy Shaw who were principles in the Calumet & Hecla mining company. [DSS]

1878. The MH&O land grant from the state expires when the line failed to reach Ontonagon. [DSS]