Railroad: Twin City Railway Company (E)

Benton Harbor - St. Joe Railway & Light → Twin City Ry. → Ended

Acquired: 1928 - Benton Harbor -St. Joe Railway & Light.

Operations Ended: 1935

Reference: [MRRC]

This was originally a horse-drawn line which was electrified in 1892. The line, between the two major cities in Berrien County, expanded with routes to Fairplain, South St. Joseph and to the House of David. In 1906, a line was opened to Eau Claire and reached Dowagiac in Cass County in 1911. A second line was built to Watervliet in 1910 with a branch from Coloma to Paw Paw (Van Buren County) over Pere Marquette track. This branch also connected with the Kalamazoo Lake Shore & Chicago, extending from Toquin on that line.

The Graham & Morton steamship line from Cicago to Benton Harbor provided a connection for passenger interchange both for the city and interurban lines. The line was used for hauling produce from the "Fruit Belt" to Chicago. Cars were placed at sidings along the line, loaded during the day, to be picked up by fruit trans leaving Watervliet at 4:40 pm or Dowagiac at 4:15 pm. These trains reached Benton Harbor in time to transfer their loads to the 8:00 pm Chicago boat, for delivery to the Chicago market the next morning.

In 1928, the property was sold to Illinois interests and called the Twin City Railway. The interurban routes were abandoned on August 1, 1928, four days after the takeover.

In 1929, the Hull Avenue route in Benton Harbor was abandoned. During the 1930's four routes were in daily use.  All lines were abandoned by September, 1935. [CERA]