About this Section - Railroads in History

The Railroads in History section of RRHX contains a page for each railroad which actually operated, even if just for a short period. Railroad corporations which were organized but never operated are not included. For more information about non-operating companies, go to Michigan Railroads & Railroad Companies [MRRC] by historial Don Meints.

Many railroads were created by speculators with lofty goals and names. Others were simply construction railroads. Some construction railroads were owned by right-of-way builders in hopes that a railroad would purchase the line once complete. Other construction railroads were owned by officers of the railroad who profited hansomly when their own railroad purchased the line. Again, in most cases, construction railroads are not included in this list because they never operated trains themselves.

The start and end dates for each railroad are the dates of actual operation, not the dates of the corporation itself.

Horse-drawn, electric and interurban railroads are noted, as are narrow gauge railroads.

Editors note: Eventually, a brief history of the railroad will be added, as well as a map and photograph or two.