Marquette County - 52 - Roundhouses | Enginehouses | Turntables

Champion - DSS&A/ MILW - The railroads had a two stall engine house here, just east of the union station.

Eagle Mills - LS&I - The railroad has its engine facilities in the Eagle Mills complex. This location took over for the Presque Isle roundhouse and engine facilities when that area was closed in favor of a coal/ship transloading facility.

Ishpeming - LS&I - This railroad had a small roundhouse near its original yard here. There was also a turntable here along with a water tower. The location was just east of the LS&I Ishpeming depot, which still exists. [LSI2]

Marquette - DSS&A (later Soo Line) - Their Marquette roundhouse was located west of the depot in the city. The site is currently being used for the new UP Health System replacement hospital.The roundhouse had an electrically operated turntable.

Presque Isle - LS&I - The original round house was located near the junction of the M&HM.  A larger roundhouse was built just south of the ore dock, along with an enginehouse and turntable.  These were used for many years until operations were moved to Eagle 1978.