Mine: Alabaster Mine, Alabaster, MI

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Owned by: 

Produced: Gypsum


Railroad connection: Industrial railroad connecting with the Erie & Michigan Navigation Co railroad, and Detroit & Mackinac Ry.


Lifetime Production: 

Time Line

1910. October 27. The mammoth plant mills, dock and warehouses of the United States Gypsum Co. at Alabaster, Mich. burned to the ground at a loss of over $125,000.

The blaze started in the basement of the store room and the fire protection afforded in the community was inadequate to stop the spread of the flames through thee buildings. Fire hours late the entire acreage of thy company was burned to the ground.

The owning company controls a big lege of alabaster not yet nearly exhausted, and while the embers of part of the ruins were still glowing that portion of the debris which had cooled sufficiently to be handled was being cleared away by workmen in readiness for the rebuilding of the plant. Mr. Robinson, manage of the company, says a new plant will be running again within six months. The mills have a daily capacity of over 3,000 barrels of gypsum. No one was hurt in the blaze. [Belding Banner, 1910-1027]