Station: Mud Lake Junction, MI

Mud Lake Junction was located on the old DBC&A main line (via West Harrisville/Lincoln), which was 3.3 miles north of Lincoln.

The D&M had a branch line which went west from here to Mud Lake and Loud Junction.

Time Line

October, 1889. Ten log trains run daily from the Mud Lake country to the Lake Huron shore, one going to Tawas, four to Alpena and five to Black River. Beside these, one freight and one passenger train cover the road every day except Sunday.

The trains are controlled by a train dispatcher located at Mud Lake junction, in the western part of Alcona county, who reaches them by means of a telephone wire that runs along the line. There are no station agents, but at each station there is a little box containing the telephone, to which each conductor carries a key. Often there is not even a station house, in which event the telephone box is on a post by the roadside. [Livingston Co. Daily Press and Argus/5/30/1889]

1893. The [DBC&A] express train, which was due in this city [Alpena] at midnight Monday, did not reach the Alpena depot until 9:30 o'clock yesterday morning. The cause of the delay was the wreck of a long timber train, a few miles this side of Mud Lake Junction, and the express had to wait until the track had been cleared of the logs and broken cars. No one was injured. [AAN-1893-0125]