Mine: Monongahela Mine, Crystal Falls, MI

The Monongahela Mine was located in Crystal Falls in Iron County, and operated from 1892 to 1956. The mine included the "old" mine and the "new" mine. The old mine produced until 1903 and the new section from 1916 until 1934. From 1952 to 1956, the adjacent Columbia mine grew onto the Monongahela property removing ore through its own shafts.

The mine was located southwest of the Tobin Mine, about one mile southwest of downtown Crystal Falls.

The Monongahela was worked by the Olgebay, Norton and Company, the Pitttsburgh and Lake Angeline Company (1901), Jones and Laughlin Limited (1902), Hanna Furnace Compay, Hannah Iron Ore, and Republic Steel (1951). [MINDAT]

Property description: NE-NW, north 1/2-NE, and SE-NE Section 36, T43N-R33W. This L-oshaped 160 acres lies between N46-4-59, N46-5-12, W88-22-1 and W88-22-58 and between N46-4-46, N46-4-59, W88-22-1 and W88-22-20.