Relics and Ruins: Iron County (36)

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Relic: C&NW Mansfield Mine Spur Paint River bridge abutments

Location: Over Paint River, just north of the dam/power plant in Crystal Falls

What's There: Set of concrete bridge abutments which supported the Mansfield Mine spur over the river (including island). This branch served at least five mines north and east of Crystal Falls. The branch (and bridge) were used until 1837.

Longitude/Latitude: 46-06-449N 88-20-164W

Vision: ...The C&NW local to Hemlock Mine (in Amasa) uses the switch back over this bridge to reach the Amasa branch, in 1910.

Relic: MILW bridge abutments entering old Stambaugh, near Iron River

Location: Washington Avenue, north of 18th Street in Iron River (Stambaugh)

What's There: Two high concrete bridge abutments which held the MILW main line leading to the Iron River passenger station. These abutments are 25' tall.

Longitude/Latitude: 46-04-503N 88-37-954W

Vision: ...The Milwaukee Road's daily mixed train heads across the trestle enroute to the depot in Iron River.


MILW underpass entering old Stambaugh, near Iron River

Location: Under Lincoln Avenue, north of 16th Street, Iron River

What's There: Deep underpass, formally used by the MILW branch line into Iron River. This is in the former Stambaugh which became part of Iron River. The tunnel is now used for a bike path. It is striking who close this underpass is to the trestle identified above. Indicative of how hilly the terrain is in Iron River and the cost to the Milwaukee Road to enter the area to compete for iron mine traffic with the C&NW. This line was built in 1914 and removed in 1969 after the iron mines closed. [MRL]

Longitude/Latitude: 46-04-581N 88-37-639W

Vision: ..An eastbound passenger train works hard to get up the grade out of downtown Iron River, enroute to Crystal Falls and Channing.

Relic: Milwaukee Road Passenger Station

Location: 32 N. Fourth Avenue, Iron River

What's There: The Milwaukee Road's passenger station. This is an example of a typical MILW design, similar to depots at Iron Mountain and Sidnaw. This was the end of the line for the MILW's Iron River Branch.

Longitude/Latitude: 46-05-137N 88-38-555W

Vision: ...A local teamster taking luggage from the depot to Pettingill's Hotel for a newly arriving guest.

Relic: MILW Amasa railroad depot

Location: Pine Street in the Village of Amasa

What's There: A wooden passenger station, built around 1893. [UPM]

Longitude/Latitude: 46-13-968N - 88-27-010W

Vision: ...The station agent transcribes a telegram for the superintent of the Amasa Mine.