Station: Devereaux, MI

Devereaux was located in western Jackson County. It was settled about 1872. The Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Lansing branch came through about 1876 on their line between Albion and Eaton Rapids.

Time Line

1874. This is an established station on the Lansing Branch of the LS&MS. It c onsists at present of a neat and substantial passenger and freight depot,  yards for receiving and shipping livestock, a post office and flourishing village of two thousand inhabitants or upwards on paper. The town is being surveyed for streets and lots. Devereaux is surrounded by excellent farming land. Although cattle yards have just been completed, little live stock has as yet been shipped. Freight shipped includes 1,900 bbls of applies, five cars of livestock, twenty cars of wheat, etc. [DFP-1874-0106]