Location: Jackson, MI - Elm Street Crossing Tower

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Derailment at Elm Street Aerotrain at Elm street Elm Street Crossing was controlled by a crossing watchman tower at the east end of Jackson's main freight yard. This location was also known as Jackson Junction.

Photo info: Top, the tower with the westbound AeroTrain headed into Jackson. Note: the photographer's wife at the top of the stairs of the tower. 2nd photo, The crossing watcheman sitting in the tower. Room in the tower was tight and slats were installed across the window so it wouldn't break when the watchman sat back to relax. 3rd photo, looking east towards Jackson Yard. The Mercury passenger train is headig west here. 4th photo, a freight train on the freight main heads across Elm Street into the yard. 5th photo, a view from the tower to  southwest. 6th photo, a locomotive heads into the engine service area at Jackson Junction. [Cecil Hommerdig, Doug Leffler collection]; 7th photo, NYC 7796 has derailed at Elm Street and the wreck crew is attempting to re-rail it. 1950's. [Cecil Hommerding photo, Doug Leffler collection]; 8th photo, the NYC Aero Train is eastbound at Elm Street, headed to Detroit. In 1956. [Cecil Hommerding photo, Doug Leffler collection]