Location: Jackson, MI - Francis Street Interlocking

The Francis Street interlocking was a crossing of the Michigan Central and New York Central railroads, with the Michigan Railway (Jackson Consolidated Traction Company). This was a half interlocking system.

Time Line

1921. In the Matter of the Safe Operation of Cars and Trains over the Crossings of the Tracks of the New York Central and Michigan Central Railroads and the Michigan Railway (Jackson Consolidated Traction Company) on Francis Street in the City of Jackson, by the Half Interlocking System now Installed at the Above Crossings. D-9. January 22, 1921.

An inspection of the said half interlocking system having been made by Chief Inspecting Engineer Bice, on January 21, A. D., 1921; And the Commission after examining the report of the said inspection, have determined that the said interlocking system is in such a condition that it does not afford protection against accident at the said crossings; and further, to continue said interlocking system will sooner or later be the cause of accidents at this point.

THEREFORE, it is IIEREBY ORDERED, That you the Michigan Railway Company, within five days from the service hereof cause the said half interlocking system now located at the crossings of the Jackson Consoli (lated Traction Company's tracks with the tracks of the New York Central and Michigan Central Railroads on Francis street in the City of Jackson to be discontinued and remoyed.

AND IT is FURTHER ori) ERED, That you substitute a new half inter locking system at the said point of crossings, the same to be according to plans which shall be approved by this Commission before installation is commenced. Said interlocking system to be installed and ready for service on or before sixty days of service hereof.

AND IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, That pending the installation of the said new interlocking system that you cause to be maintained at said crossing a flagman, whose duty it shall be after ascertaining that no engines or trains on the New York Central or Michigan Central Railroads are in the near vicinity of said crossing to signal your cars, after such cars have been brought to a stop as required by law, to proceed over said crossings. -

AND IT is FURTHER ORDERED, That the cost and expense of installation and maintenance of the said new interlocking system shall be borne as per the terms of the order of the Commissioner of Railroads issued July 19, A. I.). 1906, namely exclusively by the Michigan Railway Company.