Station:  Comstock Park, MI

Comsock Park MIComstock Park was settled in 1838 with a sawmill being located here. It was called North Park and then Mill Creek. A flour mill was estabished here in 1868. [MPN]

1994 - The crossing of the C&O and PRR at Comstock Park north of Grand Rapids was protected by a target signal-arm. Horizontal allowed passage of the C&O, vertical for the PRR. [COHS-7/194]

Photo Info/Credit: The last Michigan Northern train to pass through Comstock Park. Note the manual target signal on the pole at the crossing of the Chessie System crossing. A train crew member walks over to the signal to adjust it for the train. ["Big-O" photo]

1909 station: The PM built a new station here in 1909. [PMAR-1909]