Mine: Ahmeek Mine.

Ahmeek MineAhmeek Mine was located near Ahmeek, which is just north of Calumet into Keweenaw County. C&H gained control in 1909 and then merged with it in 1923. [UPM]

The mine was established by the Ahmeek Mining Company in 1880 and ran intermitently until 1903 when the Kearsage Lode was located and then became a substantial producer. The Calumet and Hecla gained control in 1909 and merged with it in 1923. There were a total of four mine shafts. [UPM]

Photo info/credit: Railroad cars outside the Ahmeek Mine in 1951.

Shaft No. 1 - Located on First Street in Ahmeek, this shaft was sunk in 1880 and operated until 1903.

Shaft No. 2 - Was sunk between 1905-1907. [UPM]

Shaft No. 3 & 4 were sunk in different 80o angles but came up to a single headframe and rockhouse. [UPM]