Interlocking: Lapeer Tower, MI

Lapeer MI Interlocking Tower Lapeer MI Interlocking Tower Lapeer MI Interlocking TowerLapeer Interlocking tower controlled the grade crossing of the east-west Grand Trunk Western (later CN) main line from Port Huron to Flint, and the north-south Michigan Central Bay City branch, from Detroit to Bay City via Saginaw. The interlocking was turn down in 1979 after the MC line was abandoned north of the crossing.

Photo Info/Credit: Top, a conductor receives his orders at Lapeer Junctin in 1971. [Charlie Whipp]. 2nd photo, a 1950's photo of the NYC Bay City Branch looking north across the interlocking. [Ernie Novak photo, Robert Michalka collection]. 2rd photo, the equipment box which now interfaces signals and switches in the area with the CN dispatcher centralized traffic control system. 2007. [Dale Berry]


May 28, 1930: The Michigan Public Utiities Commission approves changes in the interlocking design at Lapeer Tower. [MPUC-1930]