Station:  Hudson, MI

LSMS Depot at Hudson MI LSMS Depot at Hudson MI LSMS Depot at Hudson MI LSMS-CN Crossing at Hudson MI CN Depot at Hudson MIHudson was settled on the very western edge of Lenawee Couty about 1833 and called Bean Creek. It was renamed Lanesville in 1836 and Hudson in 1840. The town became a village in 1853 and a city in 1893. [MPN]

The "Southern" line of the State of Michigan came through here first and was purchased by the Michigan Southern railroad, a private interest. It later became the Michigan Southern & Northern Indiana, then the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern, and in 1916 it became part of the New York Central system. The Lake Shore established a beautiful stone depot here with conical roofs and a tower.

The CN had a small eight track yard here and also had water and coaling facilities for its locomotives. There was also a stock handling facility on the CN with capacity for four double deck stock cars. Stock could be fed and watered here. A 4,000 bushel capacity elevator was on the CN line and owned by the Cutler-Dickinson Copany. The CN also served the Pet Milk Company, Hackett Coal Company, Hardie Manufacturing Company, Porter Lumber Company and a scrap metal site.

The Cincinnati Northern came through later with its north-south route between Ohio and Jackson. It crossed over the top of the LSMS on a small bridge (see photo). There apparently was never a physical connection between the two lines, both of which eventually fell under NYC control.

Photo Info/Credit: Top, an early view of the Lake Shore depot. 2nd photo, the LSMS depot in a postcard view. [Dale Berry collection]. 3rd photo, the same depot in anotherr view with the water tower. [Alan Loftis collection] 4th photo, the crossing of the two lines, CN below and LSMS on top. Note the CN coaling stgation and water tower in the background. [Doug Leffler collection] 5th photo, the Cincinnati Northern depot at Hudson. [Alan Loftis collection]

Hudson had two water towers, one on the Old Road and one on the CN Jackson branch. The CN also had a coaling tower here.