Station: Morenci, MI

Morenci MI railroads Morenci MI railroads Morenci MI railroads Morenci MI railroadsMorenci was settled about 1835 with a saw mill at the very southwest border of Lenawee County and the State of Ohio. The town became a village in 1871 and a city in 1934. [MPN]

Morenci was home to two railroads, the Canada Southern which was trying to reach Chicago from Canada, and an interurban line which ran under multiple names including the Ohio and Morenci, coming from the Toledo area. The CS line got as far west as nearby Fayette, Ohio when it stopped "in its tracks" and became the Fayette Branch of the LSMS/NYC. It was later truncated back to Morenci and the line was served for many years by a "turn" from Adrian to Fayette or Morenci which returned back to Adrian.

Photo Info/Credit: Top, the O&M interurban depot and freight house. The locomotive is an electric powered unit. The two-story structure behind the O&M train on Main Street is the passenger depot which may be still standing in 2004. [Photo, Alan Loftis collection, info from Doug Leffler]. 2nd photo, the old Lake Shore depot now in disrepair. [Alan Loftis collection]. 3rd photo, what appeaars to be a well-maintained O&M caboose behind the old O&M headquarters and former station at Morenci. Date not known. [Jim Tarbell photo, Doug Leffler collection]. 4th photo, a postcard view of Main Street looking west in Morenci. The interurban line runs down the middle of the street. Date unknown.


  • Cline & Awkerman Lumber & Coal Yard (LSMS) 1914
  • Morenci & Fayette Electric Light Plant - coal (LSMS) 1914)
  • Morenci Roller Mills (flour) coal delivery (LSMS) 1893