Station: Howell, MI

PM Howell MI Depot PM Howell MI Depot Ann Arbor Howell MI Depot Ann Arbor Howell MI Depot Ann Arbor Howell MI DepotAA Howell Depot Howell is the county seat of Livingston County and was settled in the center of the county in 1834. It was originally named Livingston Centre and then renamed in 1836. It became a village in 1863 and a city in 1914. [MPN]

Howell was served by two railroads, the Pere Marquette main line between Detroit and Lansing, and the Ann Arbor Railroad between Toledo and Owosso.

Photo Info/Credit: Top, the PM depot at Howell in 1892. This depot was built in 1872. [Charlie Whipp]. 2nd photo, a 1972 view of the C&O depot. [Charles Geletzke Jr.]. 3rd photo, the Ann Arbor railroad depot at Howell in 2003. [Alan Loftis]. 4th, the depot in 2003, still used as a community center. It was built in 1886. 5th photo, a 1972 view of the AA depot. [Charles Geletzke Jr.]. 6th photo, a northbound view of the AA Howell depot and freight house in 1936. [Stoner collection, UMB]

1880 : The D&LN made improvements to its water tower here. [DL&N-1880]

1885. A new water tank with standpipe is installed at Howell. [DL&N-1885]

1890. The DL&N repaired its stock yard and freight house at Howell. [DL&N-1890]

1918. The AARR had a day station agent and a day operator here. [TRT]