Station: New Baltimore, MI

New Baltimore MI Interurban Depot Rapid Railway New Baltimore Rapid Railway New Baltimore Rapid Railway New Baltimore From a steam railroad standpoint, New Baltimore was a bit "off the beaten path". The town is about ten miles northeast of Mt. Clemens on the shore of Lake St. ClaIr. But the town did receive rail service by an interurban line which operated under various names and ownerships.

The town was settled about 1796 and a sawmill was built here. In 1851, a dock was established. It was first called Ashleyville and then renamed New Baltimore in 1855. It became a village in 1867 and a city in 1931. [MPN]

Photo Info/Credit: The interurban railroad depot at New Baltimore with a train in front. Note the semaphore signal which was used for train orders and as a block signal. [T.J. Gaffney collection]. 2nd photo, reported to be the Rapid Railway station at New Baltimore, this appears to be the exterior of the power house. 3rd photo, a substation and freight depot photo in the same city. 4th photo, the power generators for the Rapid Railway at New Baltimore. All photos, [SRJ-1902-476]