Station: Richmond, MI

GTW Richmond MI DepotGTW Locomotive at Richmond MIGTW Richmond MI Depot GTW Richmond MI DepotRichmond, in Macomb County, was settld about 1837. The town became a village in 1879. [MPN]

Richmond is located on the Grand Trunk Western (now CN) Detroit to Port Huron line, about six miles northeast of New Haven. Richmond was also a junction point for the GTW air line between Richmond and Pontiac.

Photo Info/Credit: Top, the GTW depot at Richmond, taken in the 1970's. [Jim Slater]. 2nd photo, a GTW locomotive (913 or 313) with crew at Lenox (Richmond) MI. [T.J.Gaffney collection]. 3rd and 4th photos, the inside of the depot in 2003. [Alan Loftis]