M&NE 325 With Passenger Train Crossing Manistee Swing BridgeCSX Manistee Swing Bridge 2001Location: Manistee River, Bridge, Manistee, MI - (CSX)

This swing bridge brings the CSX over the Manistee River on the north end of town.  The tender shack is an old Manistee & Northeastern caboose #5 (enclosed in siding). The bridge was built by the Manistee & Northeastern in 1889 and rebuilt by them in 1899. They were the original owner. The original length of the drawespan was 160 feet. It was a wood and iron Hoe truss, 12 feet above the water line (which was 14 feet deep). The bridge was originally swing by hand power. The bridge was protected by a Gravett (interlocking) semaphore and derail. [MCR-1904]

Photo info: Top, M&NE 325 pulls a passenger train across the Manistee swing bridge.  [Charles Showalter collection]. Bottom, CSX Manistee Swing Bridge in 2001.  [Tim Shannahan]

Time Line

1941. This bridge, which was operated by the M&NE, was an interlocking. Derails and fixed semaphore signals were located 250 feet north and south of the drawbridge. The signals were two-arm semaphores governing movement over the bridge. [M&NE ETT 1941]