Station: Midland, MI

MC Midland MI Depot MC Midland MI Depot PM Midland MI Depot PM Midland MI Depot PM Midland MI DepotMidland was settled about 1836 as a farming area and then as a lumbering town and chemical processing from brine and salt. It is now headquarters of Dow Chemical. Midland was incorporated as a village in 1869 and a city in 1887. [MPN]

Midland is served by two railroads as well as short lines into the forest. The Pere Marquette railroad came through here with their line from Saginaw to Ludington. The Michigan Central also purchased a branch line from Bay City to this location. Both are operated by short lines today however the former PM line ends at the Dow Chemical facilities.

Photo Info/Credit: Top and 2nd, two photos of the Michigan Central depot at Midland, one old and one recent. [Alan Loftis]. 3rd, a postcard view of the Pere Marquette depot at Midland. 4th an old photo of a steam locomotive taking on water in front of the PM depot. 5th photo, another photo of a train arriving at the PM depot. [Alan Loftis collection]

1907 new staton. The PM erected a new station at this location in 1907. [PMAR-1907]

The PM installed electrically operated block signals in Midland in 1910. [PMAR-1910]