Greenville, MI - More Photos

Greenville MI railroads Greenville MI railroads Greenville MI railroadsGreenville Engine HousePM Greenville Depot Additional photos from Greenville, Michigan.

Photo Info/Credit: Top, the GTW coaling tower at Greenville, looking east towards afayette Street in 1950. [Jack Simmons]. 2nd photo, a GTW combine car at Greenville in 1955. [Jack Simmons]. and 3rd, GTW Train 472 stops for a crew photograph in froint of the Greenvlle depot in the 1940's. [Gene Zank collection]. 4th photo is of the C&O engine house at Greenville in 1978 [Charles Geletzke photo], 5th photo, the depot in 1978. [Charles Geletzke Jr.]