Location: Muskegon, MI - PM Facilities

PM Muskegon MI car shops on fire C&O Muskegon Engine House Engine Bells Melted. May 25, 1905. A large force of men are at work today clearing away the debris on the site of the burned Pere Marquette round house, and the building will be rebuilt. The injured locomotives will be sent to the shops at Grand Rapids and Saginaw as soon as possible and will be entirely rebuiit. The intensity of the heat, durig the fire is shown by the fact that the bells and brass work on the engines were entirely melted. [DFP-1905-0525]

Photo Info/Credit: Top, a large fire destroyed the Pere Marquette car shops at Muskegon, in 1905. [TJ Gaffney collection], 2nd a newer C&O engine house in Muskegon in 1977 [Charles Geletzke Jr.]

1906. The PM erects a new engine house here to replace a facility which was destroyed by fire. It has 10 stalls. [PMAR-1906]

May 16, 1930: The Michigan Public Utilities Commission approve the discontinuance of the crossing watchman at Ottawa Street in Muskegon. [MPUC-1930]