Station: Fremont, MI

PM Fremont MI Depot PM Fremont MI DepotFremont, in Newaygo County, was settled about 1854. It was originally called Elm Corners, then Weaversville and Fremont Center. It was changed to Fremont in 1882. Fremont was incorporated as a village in 1875 and a city in 1911. [MPN]

Fremont was on the Pere Marquette's branch from Muskegon to White Cloud and was about 12 miles by rail southwest of White Cloud. 

Photo Info/Credit: Top, the Pere Marquette depot at Fremont around the turn of the century with a passenger train loading and unloading. 2nd photo, an overhead view of the depot, train and nearby area. [Both, Alan Loftis collection]

1907. The PM installed a new water station here. [PMAR-1907]