Station: White Cloud, MI

PM White Cloud MI Depot PM White Cloud MI Depot PM White Cloud MI Depot PM White Cloud MI Depot White Cloud Depot White Cloud was settled in the center of Newaygo County as a logging camp in 1871. It was known by other names such as Morgantown, Morganville and Morgan Station. It was renamed as White Cloud in 1877. White Cloud was incorporated as a village in 1879 and became a city in 1950. [MPN]

White Cloud is at the center of Newaygo County and was the junction point of two Pere Marquette railroad lines. The north-south route from Grand Rapids to Baldwin crossed the southwest-northeast line between Muskegon and Big Rapids here.

Photo Info/Credit: Top, the Pere Marquette depot at White Cloud. It appears that the locomotive is filling with water from a standpipe and is overflowing. [Alan Loftis collection]. 2nd photo, another view taken in 1915. 3rd photo, a view of a train in front of the depot, date not known. 4th photo, the same location with a better view of the water standpipe. [Alan Loftis collection]. 5th photo, at 1977 view of the depot. [Charles Geletzke Jr.]


1905: The PM builds a new depot at White Pigeon. [PMAR-1905]

1907 accident. "One of the most gruesome railroad fatalities that western Michigan has ever recorded occurred at White Cloud at 3 o'clock this morning, when 50-year-old Carl Brassier, a German farmer, who has been in this country only a short time, was run into by the westbound Pere Marquette log train, bound for Muskegon."

Bressler was walking home and none of the train crew knew that a man had been struck until they arrived at Muskegon and the pilot of the engine was found bespattered with blood and chunks of human flesh, with the parts of a pair of pants and a vest entangled in the cow catcher. His watch had stopped at 8 o'clock and that was the time the train was about at White Cloud. [DFP-1907-0317]