Station: Yates, MI

Yates MI railroad

Yates, MI MapYates was a station stop on the Michigan Central's Detroit to Bay City branch in 1886. The town was four miles northwest of Utica on the edge of Oakland and Macomb counties. Yates was settled about 1866. [MPN]

Photo Info/Credit: Top, Penn Central train BD-1 heads south on the Bay City branch at 23 Mile Road near Yates in 1971. The lead engine is the 2939 *a U33B) assisted by the 3266 (a GP40). They are waiting for the signal to proceed to Sterling Yard and Detroit. The PC had a "hold out" signal at Yates to prevent southbound trains from proeeding during congested periods at Sterling or North Yard. [Charlie Whipp]. 2nd photo, a map showing the relationship of Yates to the county line and Rochester Junction to the west. [USGS]