Station: Oxford, MI

MC Depot at Oxford MI Interurban depot at Oxford MI NYC trains pass near Oxford MI Oxford was settled about 1823 as Demingsburgh and then Oxford Corners. It was renamed Oxford in 1839. It became a village in Oakland County in 1876. [MPN]

Oxford was located on the Michigan Central's Detroit to Bay City branch about three miles north of Lake Orion. The town was also served by an interurban line which ran from Rochester to Imlay City.

Notes from 1961:  The Oxford interlocked crossing of the NYC Bay City Branch and the GTW's PO&N Branch is automated and the tower is closed.  [CW]

Notes from 1972:  Traffic on the Penn Central's Bay City branch was down to one through train each way each day, along with a local train.  Most of the Bay City Branch used 105 lb. rail, which was in very good condition but less than the 132 lb. rail which was necessary to haul coal trains.  After the creation of Penn Central in 1968, unit coal trains to Bay City and Midland were rerouted north away from the Bay City branch on the former Ann Arbor from Toledo to Owosso, and then the PC to the Bay City area.  This was as a result of track damage and costly derailments on the Bay City branch.  [CW]

Photo Info/Credit: Top, a photo of the MC depot at Oxford, taken in a northerly direction. The diamond was on the north side of the building where the PO&N crossed. Just visable to the far left of th photo is the interchange track for the PO&N and MC. XN tower was located to the east (across the tracks from the depot) in the southeast corner of the diamond. This depot was destroyed by fire from vandals in the mid-19970's. [Charlie Whipp]. 2nd photo, an early view of the Detroit United Railway Oxford station taken in the eaarly part of the 20th century. 3rd photo, NYC train 633, the northbound Beeliner, breezes through Oxford enroute to Saginaw and Bay City. It is passing Nrain BD-2 which is "in the hole" (siding) waiting for this meet. The Beeliner is a RDC-3 model. BD-2 is a Bay City to Detroit freight train. Photo taken in 1958. [EL Novak photo, Charlie Whipp collection]