Interlocking: Oxford, MI - XN Tower

Oxford, MI XN Tower Oxford, MI XN Tower Oxford MI XN Tower XN interlocking tower was located in Oxford, Michigan and was the crossing of the Michigan Central Bay City branch (Detroit to Bay City) and the Grand Trunk Western PO&N Branch (Pontiac to Caseville).

Note from 1961: The Oxford interlocked crossing of the NYC Bay City Branch and the GTW's PO&N Branch is automated and the tower is closed.  [CW]

Location: 42o49.684'N / 83o15.816'W.

Photo Info/Credit: Top and 2nd photos, the XN Interlocking Tower at Oxford. [Ernie Novack photo, Robert Michalka collection]. 3rd photo, Oxford depot and tower in 1956 with a passing freight train. [Ed Nowak photo, Charles Geletzke Jr. Collection]