Station: Thomas, MI

MC Thomas MI Depot MC Thomas MI Depot MC Thomas MI Depot MC Thomas MI Depot Thomas was settled about 1873 in northern Oakland County. [MPN] It was a station stop on the Michigan Central's Bay City branch about four miles north of Oxford at the Lapeer/Oakland county line.

Photo Info: Top, the Michigan Central depot at Thomas in Oxford Township. This depot has been moved to a location about 1/2 mile from its original location. The tracks are also gone. 1993. [Charlie Whipp]. 2nd-4th photos, taken in 2005 of the same building in its new location. [Alan Loftis]

Time Line

1909. January 12th a letter was received by the Michigan Railroad Commission from T. C. Rossman, of Thomas, complaining that the Michigan Central Railroad Company had not rebuilt their station, which was burned in January 1908. The matter was taken up with the Michigan Central officials and a new station was constructed in July, 1909. [MCR-1909]

Another letter was received from T. C. Rossman asking that the passenger station at Thomas, on the Michigan Central Railroad, be opened for the accommodation of the public at 6:00 o'clock A. M. After taking up the matter with the Railroad Company the matter was satisfactorily settled, and station was opened at 5:40 A. M. instead of 7:00.  [MCR-1909]

1917, The MC had an agent-operator here on the day shift. [TRT]